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I organized and changed up my EDC stuff today and thought it’d be cool to share. I’ve always struggled with not having enough pocket space for the stuff I want to carry, and I finally found the right small bag to clip onto my belt, at a Japanese bookstore, of all places. I use two #3 S-Biners, attached to D-rings on the back, to hang it from two belt loops over my front right pocket, which actually looks pretty decent despite how dorky it sounds in concept.

So here’s the true pocket stuff:

-Dosh Wallet
-iPhone 4
-Citizen Watch (Special edition based on the Navitach)
-Spyderco Ladybug Salt
-8GB Sony Flash Drive
-Leatherman Micra
-County Comm LED
-County Comm Split Pea lighter
-Car/house keys

And then in the pouch:

-Canon S90 w/ CameraLeather.com griptac kit
-Leatherman Monarch 300
-Lenspen MiniPro II

I think the cheap pen, battery, etc are pretty obvious. I also keep my phone in the pouch when I’m carrying it.

I’d really like to get a different light. I’m thinking Maratac AAA. I’d also consider a different main knife since the Spyderco is pretty small, I’d be interested to hear suggestions on a relatively affordable (not much more than $50) knife, which ideally would be one-handed openable, but wouldn’t have the kind of “tactical” look that freaks people out. I’ll also probably buy a short Space Pen and a very small notebook. 

Oh, and I’ll see how the S-biner on the keys does. I’m not too worried since I carry in the pocket.

Editor’s Note: Hey there! Your carry looks to be pretty thorough and it covers most functions you’d need as a cosplay photographer. Good job keeping it all organized in that pouch too (I have a similar one for my SD780 that I got at a bookstore inside a Mitsuwa as well). I like that grip mod on the S90. As for any upgrades to the carry, the Maratac should do fine and will keep your carry fairly light, but I think the newest models have done away with the ‘mid’ output mode and kept it high/low (but with better output). If you find your Ladybug too small, there’s always the H1 Dragonfly 2 which is slightly bigger but otherwise very similar to your current knife. Hope that helps, thanks for sharing!

I recently lost a Kershaw Chive folding knife, which I had carried for about 4 years and it served me very well. Easy one-hand operation, made in USA, costs about $50. Hard to beat that.

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    Woah, I submitted this like a year and a half ago, haha! My carry has changed a ton since then, I’ll have to do a new...
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    I recently lost a Kershaw Chive folding knife, which I had carried for about 4 years and it served me very well. Easy...
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